90 Day Weight Loss Accelerator starts January 8. Only 10 Spots

Top 3 ways to stay on track with your nutrition

Or workout for that matter

I also ask to folks in the 90 Day Weight Loss Accelerator what’s the biggest thing that has helped you successfully reach your goal during the 12 weeks 

These are the top 3 answers I get from them

Meal prep

This essentially comes to having a plan. 

When you meal prep you set yourself up for success by having a plan for how you are going to eat healthy all week. 

Ever heard “failing to plan is planning to fail”

I know you’ve experienced the ease of having food prepared ahead of time at some point in your life even if you’ve never meal prepped.

It takes all the guesswork and stress out of what we are going to eat today.

Having a guide

The best part of having a coach is being guided by someone who knows what to do and has helped other people like you reach similar goals. 

People usually tell me they know what to do they just need the accountability  

I do believe that they have learned some skills in the past they will help them, but I also believe that once they learn the right way to lose weight they won’t need as much accountability because it won’t be as hard for them. 


I put this third but it is number 1 on everyone’s list every time

Even for the most dedicated, it can be so easy to let yourself off easy

Every single person I work with regardless of the program tells me the same thing

Accountability is the key that gets them through the tough times

In the 90 Day Weight Loss Accelerator we take it a set farther by having group accountability 

That is really the game changer because it can be easy still to let your coach down but it is much harder to let down your team who are going through the same thing you are.

I help people look better, feel better, have more energy and live more productive lives.

The next round of the 90 Day Weight Loss Accelerator starts in just a few weeks on May 10th. 

If you’re ready to finally make the change that you’ve wanted for a long time and you know you need the accountability of a coach and the support of a group of people who are going through the same thing, shoot me a message and let’s talk.


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Supplements Charles Recommended Stack Protein Sleep Multiplier Woman’s Muilt-vitamin Men’s Multi-vitamin Greens Powder Fitness Workout Mat Jump Rope Stretch Bands Recovery Air Relax Compression Boots


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