The Number One Way To Become Better at Everything

The number one way to become better at everything

You can call this a number of different things I like to call it Double Loop Learning.

You can call it extreme ownership, radical responsibility or personal leadership

 All of these names point back to one idea. Everything that happens in your life is your responsibility. 

When I first learned about Double Loop Learning I took it as everything was my fault. 

At the time it was a relatively useful idea because I had just started my first business and needed something to help me accountable. 

It did cause a lot of stress though because of the negative connotation of fault. 

As I have experienced more, taught a lot of people and learned more about it I chose to think of it as everything that happens in your life is your responsibility – not your fault –  but good or back it is your responsibility. 

This is huge when working to take control of your health and fitness.

When I first start working with people I often hear things like “i can’t” usually followed by an outside circumstance that the person views as out of their control. 

The opposite of Double Loop Learning is Single Loop Learning. 

Single loop learning is when you blame others or outside circumstances for things in your life. 

Be a Double Loop Learner

The 3rd cycle of the 90 Day Weight Loss Accelerator starts in a few weeks. 

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