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Welcome to Alexandria

For those of you who do not already know, I am Charles Augustine, the founder of Revolutionary Fitness. I recently moved to Alexandria with my wife, Lauren, and our dog and cat, Ranger and Ellie. In March of 2018 I sold my fitness business in Woodbridge, VA to live out our dream of living and having a business here in Old Town Alexandria. Lauren is a lobbyist for a non-profit and spends most of her time advocating for military veterans’ education policy.

Since moving to Alexandria, I have been working towards growing Revolutionary Fitness from the ground up. I have been meeting local business leaders and I am amazed by the amount of support I have received to help get my business rolling – it’s a true testament to the spirit of community in Old Town. My goal in meeting with business leaders has been to better understand the community and what I should expect as I get my business started. I am truly humbled and encouraged by the amount of help I have received. 

This post is the first of many which will give you fitness & nutrition tips as well as keep you up to date on the growth of Revolutionary Fitness over the next year.

Fitness tips:

Many of my clients struggle when this time of year shows up. They struggle with being consistent with fitness regiments when vacation or a change to normal schedules hit. The number one recommendation I give them is one I’ll share with you here.

When it comes to working out, just because you are off your regular schedule does not mean you have to stop exercising, or that you have to make it a complicated part of your vacation. It does not take much time and if you set a 20 or 30 minute clock on your phone you’ll always have time to get it done. Try out some of these workouts next time you are off schedule or out of town and need to get in a workout. These workouts are quick and can be done anywhere with no equipment.

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Preferred Fitness and Recovery Item List

Supplements Charles Recommended Stack Protein Sleep Multiplier Woman’s Muilt-vitamin Men’s Multi-vitamin Greens Powder Fitness Workout Mat Jump Rope Stretch Bands Recovery Air Relax Compression Boots


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