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5 Ways to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

  1. Know that you have to change your lifestyle for good

Trying to lose fat with the idea that you’ll just go back to your normal life “after you’re done” is planning to fail.

Not everyone is ready for this but if you want to change–You must change. 

This is super uncomfortable because it requires you  to leave the safety of your comfort zone

But when you leave your comfort zone is where the magic happens!

  1. Always have a plan

You’re going to need lots of plans

Failing to plan is planning to fail

If you think you’re going to “just eat clean” and lose the weight you want to, it’s not going to happen. 

To create change you are going to have to let go of balance for a while

This is uncomfortable, See more about the comfort zone above.

  1. Tell yourself everyday who you are

I won’t use the word affirmation, because that might freak you out  as fluffy

But here’s the thing

Everyday there is a conversation going on in your head 

You tell yourself who you are and who you are not

Well guess what – Those are affirmations

Each time you have that conversation in your head you are affirming who you are today and who you’ll be tomorrow.

Most of the time this is unintentional and subconscious 

When you decide what you really want and who you really want to bed and make that conversation intention great things start to happen. 

  1. Have a Guide

I believe if you want to be good at something and there is someone out there who teaches it that you should have them as a coach. 

I have multiple coaches for different areas of my life. 

Could I get where I want to go without them?  


But since they’ve already done what I want to do and taught many other people like me who to do what they do I know they will help me get there faster. 

At CrossFit Unbowed when people told me they needed to get in shape before joining CrossFit I’d always ask them if they wanted to play the piano would they teach themselves first and then hire a piano teacher?

This is no different.

  1. Have people to hold you accountable

Telling peers and a coach you will do something is one of the best ways to make sure it happens. Especially when they are going through the same thing. 

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