The 5 Most Popular Things

That kill you slowly…

  1. Sitting at a desk all day

You daily activity level is more important than your 60 minutes of working out 

  1. Chronic stress

Chronic stress throws off the hormone balance in your body that overtime leads to poor health markers

  1. Sleep less than 7 hours per night

Sleep is so important. If it wasn’t our bodies wouldn’t do it at all. The brain regeneration that takes place while you’re sleepy is huge. Consistently cheating on sleep like almost as bad as the chronic concussions NFL players get. 

  1. Skipping out on vegetables 

The vitamins and minerals in vegetables are absolutely necessary. You need them!  If most of your meals don’t include veggies you’re taking years off your life.

  1. Lack of strength

Being strong is so important, especially when it comes to leg strength. You will get old, and part of aging is losing muscle mass. Your legs carry you around. There is a direct correlation with lack of mobility and death. Once you lose the ability to get yourself around and take care of yourself you’re headed for the end.

I’m not going to waste your time talking about smoking

Changing your habits and your lifestyle isn’t easy – – it tend to be simple though

My parents died in their 60’s due to a lifetime of poor habits and thinking they could just tough it out. 

Taking care of yourself is the best thing you can do for your family.

They want you to be around for as long as possible

The best way is to make small changes over time with someone to help guide you along the way and keep you accountable. 

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