3 Reasons Why You Should Be Eating More

  1. 90% of the people I have worked with under eat

Very few people actually over eat on a daily basis.

If you do overeat you are likely over 300lbs.

If that is not you then you are probably under eating.

The problem with under eating is if you want to lose weight you’ll have to eat even less than you are now. 

This usually leads to you not eating enough to lose weight.

Sounds counterintuitive, but it’s the truth.

  1. You will have more energy

When people come to me for weight loss and I tell them to eat more than they were before they tend to look at me like I’m crazy. 

After a short conversation I ask them to go on faith and give it a shot. 

Within a week they end up seeing the number on the scale going down, 

Their clothes fit better, 

They are drinking less coffee through the day and sleeping better, 

And they have more energy throughout the day. 

  1. You will lose more weight

Yes, If you read these often enough you’ll know that you must be in a caloric deficit to lose weight.

It’s the only way – it’s called the law of thermodynamics! (The things you learn in college)

You can’t just eat less and less and less though.

You don’t expect your car to be able to drive 300 miles on and empty tank.

Your body is no different. 

You have to give it fuel in order for it to perform. 

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