Look Better, Feel better with personal training

Look Better, Feel better with personal training

Look Better, Feel better with personal trainingLook Better, Feel better with personal trainingLook Better, Feel better with personal training

Have more energy Live a more productive life in Alexandria with personal training

Who am i

Charles Augustine, Personal Trainer, Alexandria,

I help you identify your goals and work with you to transform your life to fill that last piece of the puzzle to make your life better through personal training in Alexandria. Whether we are working in your home or the gym we will meet your fitness goals 

Who Are My Clients


I use individual and group program to help people reach their personal goals. I help people who have clearly defined goals and are committed to making a change in their lives.

Your Success is My Job


I understand that adapting new fitness habits is difficult and often times fails. My job is to change your view on fitness, so that it becomes apart of who you are and your lifestyle. I strongly believe that if you practice healthy habits, you will be able to obtain a healthy lifestyle. 



Mark S.

Charles is an amazing trainer that made me feel comfortable at being over 300lbs in a gym. He has helped me lose over 80lbs with nutritional guidance and training. He has become more than my trainer but a good friend as well. He deeply cares about your goals and you achieving them. Highly recommendable.

Crystal P.

I loved working with Charles for personal training! We had a meeting to discuss my goals and what he can offer to make sure we were a good fit. I really appreciated the time and thought he put into putting together a custom plan based on my abilities and goals. For me, this included our one on one sessions of weightlifting, which was my focus. He made recommendations on what is best for me. He always helped me improve the little things while weight lifting that others will miss such as identifying something that I may need to work on as an auxiliary to improve a different lift. He was always very encouraging yet pushed me much harder than I could or would push myself. At the end of the program, I was much closer to my goals. I also felt like we got so much done in the hour session. If you want results and quality programming and training, Charles is my recommendation. I look forward to booking my next training package with him.

Sarah L.

Charles is a passionate trainer who has much to offer both the veteran athlete and those who are just beginning their health and fitness journey. Charles is never satisfied with offering his clients “the same old thing.” He is committed to learning and researching the “latest and greatest” to continually provide the highest quality training experiences. I started working with Charles as a veteran athlete who already knew what to do in the gym, but I had resigned myself as being past my prime. Charles proved me wrong and helped me reach goals I never knew I had. He challenged me to face difficult truths about my mindset that had always held me back. He helped me find my “why” and taught me that it’s normal for your “why” to change over time. If you have the opportunity to train with Charles, I guarantee that you will transform into a better version of yourself, regardless of where you started. 


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