5 Exercises You Probably Haven’t Done That Will Change Your Life

After age 50, muscle mass decreases at an annual rate of 1–2%

Leg strength is the number one determiner of longevity once you get older

It is massively important for you to make sure your legs are strong for life. 

I highly recommend using a barbell to strengthen your legs, but I also highly recommend single leg exercises to ensure you mitigate muscle imbalance from left to right. 

Lack of upper body rotation is the number determining factor of being put in a nursing home. 

I’ll put this as gently as possible

If you can’t turn your torso, you lack the basic skill to take care of your own hygiene.

Here are 5 of my favorite exercises all of my clients do

Whether they are a 20 year old rugby player all the way up to 82 year old still trying to stay in shape. 

Swipe right so see them all in action

  1. Landmine Rotations
  2. Bulgarian Split Squats
  3. Side Plank Reach Through
  4. Landmine Rotation Punch
  5. Single Leg RDL

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