It’s a Trap

If you want to look better, feel better, have more energy and be more productive nutrition is number 1. 

It’s you want to maximize your results, exercise has to be a part of the equation. 

If you are currently not regularly exercising you are in the best spot possible because you don’t have to do very much to get the results rolling. 

Your goal with exercise should always be to do the minimum possible dose to get the results you want.

It’s super easy to fall into the trap that doing more will equal more results. 

Trust me I’m speaking from experience. From my client and my own. 

There is a point of diminishing returns and it’s not when you’re too exhausted to do more. 

If you’re not doing anything right now, start today. 

Take the first step and just do something, it doesn’t have to be much. 

If you’ve been going for a long time and are getting the results you want, doing more won’t get you there. 

You need to change what you are doing.

In either position I recommend getting a coach to help you figure it out. 

Think of it like this. 

If you were going to build a house you wouldn’t watch a Youtube video and start digging…

You would research and interview experts you already know how to build a house very well and hire the best one for you.

Hiring a coach is the same thing. 

I’ve spent the last 10+ years educating myself and helping people like you shed their old habits and reach goals they’ve only dreamed about.

The next session of the 90 Day Weight Loss Accelerator starts in a few weeks. 

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